Energy Sector

Due to a changing framework environment, few industries are in such a state of flux as the energy sector. This does not mean, however, that legal and technical know-how acquired over decades loses its value. Even with such a radical reorganisation as the energy revolution, task definition enables projects to be safely and successfully concluded, and new ideas to be addressed in a solution focused manner. Our knowledge and experience has been acquired through working on a large number of projects with businesses in the energy sector. At the same time, we are always up to speed with current developments. For example, we can advise on:

  • Environmental and emissions protection for the construction and operation of power generation plants
  • Public participation and environmental impact assessments (UVP)
  • Facilities construction contracts for complex projects
  • Network expansion and pipelines
  • R&D agreements and joint ventures for new technologies
  • Cooperation models for network and facilities operation