Facilities/Plant Construction

Facilities construction projects have a particularly high level of technical and legal complexity. These projects frequently require collaborative working between various technical disciplines, for example, process engineering, plant construction and conveyor systems.

Another key feature of this area is the considerable financial importance of such projects for all parties involved. There are a range of diverse project structures, for example, EPC and turnkey models, build-operate-transfer models, as well as various financing models, e.g. facilities leasing agreements.

Such projects are also characterised by a high risk of loss and specific requirements relating to public law licensing situations. In addition, projects are generally time critical, during both, the contract negotiation phase as well as the project implementation. The high risk of loss in the case of a failure, or a significant delay to the project, requires all parties involved to be experienced, discrete and flexible, but also to be assertive in resolving disputes and differences of opinion during the implementation phase.

We have many years of experience in supporting and implementing facilities construction projects. We support both customers and suppliers in all phases of a project, from the selection of the best project structure through contract formation and negotiations with planners, project managers and suppliers, as well as providing solution-focused project support and target-oriented dispute management during the implementation phase and, in the concluding phase, arrangements for payment and warranty queries.

Likewise, we work in close collaboration with the firm’s public law experts who also have many years of experience in urban development planning and in complex approval proceedings.

In doing so, our focus is always on achieving the financially successful implementation of a project for our clients.