We know


Industry and technology have always been our focus. For more than 90 years, we have guided companies through fundamental transformations. Today we are an active partner in the green energy revolution.

H2 - reduced to the essentials

Hydrogen consists of nothing more than two elementary particles, but it is poised to revolutionize the entire industry. That's what we’re about: as much as necessary, as little as possible.


Hydrogen production is chemistry, and we know all about that. Construction and plant engineering projects in refineries, site modernization projects concerning the entire production and waste management facilities, tank farms or the group-wide reorganization of renewables, partnership agreements and joint ventures, planning and approval law, with and without public procurement procedures: We have done it all. With project volumes up into the nine-digit range.


We have provided comprehensive support for nuclear power generation, coal mining and natural gas production, with all the associated opportunities and difficulties. We are familiar with the contradictions of nature conservation and the change to renewable energy. We have been through difficult dialogs with neighbours of plants and dedicated project opponents. You will find few other law firms in Germany with comparable experience.

Energy transition

We have been contributing this knowledge to energy transition projects for a long time. Whether advising on environmental, planning and contract law and project management for the conversion of a coal-fired power plant or "just" the switch to alternative fuels, whether a converter station for direct current transport or wind power plants: we are at the forefront.


Hydrogen transport means pipeline construction. In the last five years, we have brought seven major pipeline projects through the approval process quickly and with legal certainty. We have been and still are project managers for the zoning authorities in the approval procedures for the EUGAL pipeline, other gas supply pipelines, and also product and district heating pipelines.

We have supervised, negotiated and enforced in court construction contracts for the expansion of gas networks, as well as user contracts for product pipelines. Gas storage facilities are also part of our consulting portfolio, including for a hydrogen interconnection project.


Hydrogen is transported without networks. We are familiar with logistics on road, rail and inland waterways, whether it be for uncomplicated or difficult freight, such as hazardous goods. For years, we have been advising internationally active logistics companies, as well as shippers, fillers, loaders and other parties involved in the shipping chain.


Application creates meaning. We have already advised on the use of hydrogen as a propulsion energy for railroads in 2017, and we are currently working on the development of a hydrogen filling station network with its own generation division based on renewable energy. We apply our expertise in plant construction and approval procedures in all production sectors. Always.


Decarbonisation does not just mean the hydrogen economy. We are already working on the CO2 economy as part of a comprehensive circular economy. After all, we have been advising on value creation from secondary raw materials for over ten years. In terms of licensing, product and transportation law, and of course, in terms of corporate and contractual law.