Sports & Events

In amongst it, rather than being a spectator. Our sports practice has earned this title. We can draw on decades of personal practical experience in high performance sport. This gives us a particular perspective on sporting matters. Our advice is legally sound and “road tested”. With legal expertise in our heads and thousands of kilometres “in our legs”, as well as the knowledge and the will, we also have the breathing space to go the extra mile for you. Our clients include not only (top) athletes, trainers, clubs and associations, but also promoters, agents and other businesses connected with sport. Our broad experience in business law enables us to meet all our clients’ needs for advice resulting from the advancing commercialisation and professionalism, both arising from and in connection with sport. We can act for you on structures, as well as pursuing and resolving disputes. Examples of our client practice include:

  • Structuring, advice and negotiation of cooperation and sponsorship agreements, including the Bundesliga
  • Acting as arbitrators and party representatives in arbitration proceedings (in particular anti-doping proceedings and nomination disputes, including in connection with the Olympic Games) as well as relevant representation before federation courts and national courts
  • Advising agents, sponsors and promoters in connection with sporting events
  • Advising clubs and associations on constitutional, regulation and licensing issues
  • Advising clubs and associations on questions of governance and compliance