Sustainability is one of the major challenges for mankind. Our future depends on how we shape our present. For us, sustainability means: Treat natural resources with care, allow them to regenerate and thus preserve them for future generations. 
Sustainability for us however is not just about natural resources. It is also about people themselves: We can observe sustainability as a principle for instance when putting enterprises into the hands of the next generation. Sustainability also shapes corporate decision-making processes, e.g. by taking into consideration human rights issues or the impact of a business on the public domain (CSR/ESG).

Sustainability is not least a competitive factor. In our perception, companies consistently implementing sustainable business practices can gain competitive advantage, inter alia by:
•    Innovation through the use of new technologies and ways of thinking
•    Cost reduction through more efficient use of raw materials and energy
•    Improved reputation with customers, the public and the employment market
•    Advantages in the context of financing
•    More flexible adjustment to new legal requirements

We support our clients with the legal conception and implementation of their sustainability strategy. We offer open discussions and our own ideas and help with mastering challenges. Our legal consulting services for example comprise:
•    Advising companies, their shareholders and executive bodies on CSR/ESG matters
•    Development and implementation of compliance systems
•    Succession and estate planning, including the use of foundations/trusts
•    Drafting of supply contracts with a view to respecting human rights along the supply chain
•    Plant construction contracts on complex projects
•    R&D contracts and joint ventures for new technologies
•    Comprehensive legal support for pipeline and grid expansion projects
•    Environmental and immission protection in the construction and operation of technical facilities