• Public Economic Law
  • Environment and Planning Law

Dr. Johannes Schulte advises companies and public authorities on constitutional and administrative law issues, in particular environmental and planning law. His work is primarily focused on the public law support of complex approval procedures. In following law suits he is the legal representative.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Johannes Schulte studied law at the Leibniz-University in Hannover. After completing his second state law exam, he started working as a lawyer in a medium sized law firm specialized in public law. In September 2019, Dr. Johannes Schulte started working in the public law division at Kümmerlein Rechtsanwälte & Notare. He obtained his doctoral degree with a thesis on environmental and administrative law in 2020.

Dr. Johannes Schulte speaks German and English. He is co-editor of the Offenes juristisches Informationsprojekt, a legal blog on construction, energy and environmental law (

Latest Articles

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