You intend to co-operate with your competitor or acquire his company? You are planning a benchmarking with other association members? You have received mail from the cartel office or it is even at your doorstep? We advise you on all questions of antitrust law and merger control. Our many years of extensive experience give us a sure feeling for the respective economic conditions - and thus also for antitrust law opportunities and risks in the specific case.

Our services include in particular:

  • Defending corporate clients and executives in antitrust fine proceedings
  • Representing in antitrust damages proceedings and other civil antitrust disputes
  • Representing in merger control proceedings and coordination of multiple filings abroad
  • Representing in proceedings for abuse of a dominant market position
  • Advice on the contractual design of distribution systems, supply and purchase agreements, joint ventures and co-operations in compliance with antitrust laws
  • Development of compliance programs and implementation of compliance trainings