What is Compliance?
“Compliance” describes the efforts of a company to observe the rules – national or international – of the respective business. Only those can act with the required prudence who are aware of such requirements and who systematically install the appropriate measures in each single case to safeguard these.

Why is Compliance Consulting necessary?
The standards required by law depend on the risks existing in your business. Basically our services aim at preparing your decision on the necessary precaution measures. Also auditors and banks expect such decisions in the course of their due diligence. In some branches of business even clients have such minimum requirements. Compliance, therefore, may be a competitive factor in business. The identification, evaluation and right treatment of risks and an effective defense of the company are facilitated by a functional (well established) compliance solution.

Our Services
We support you to find out, install and maintain the necessary compliance measures for your business.

  • Identification of possible risk areas, e.g., regarding antitrust law, corporate law and company group law, labor law, data protection issues, information technology, protection of know-how, environmental law
  • Determination of your individual requirements
  • Precise suggestions for an efficient compliance structure
  • Support on implementing compliance via guidelines, seminars for employees, client-screening, consulting to avoid infringements, consulting in case of identified infringements, communication with public authorities
  • Using the compliance solutions for defending claims, e.g., claims for damages, fine proceedings, investigations on data protection