Insolvency Law

Our insolvency law practice advises creditors on all issues arising out of the current or potential insolvency of their contractual partners. This includes, firstly, avoiding the risk of insolvency and challenges through contract formation, the correct course of action where a contractual partner is in risk of insolvency, as well as, finally, the defence of claims following the commencement of insolvency proceedings. Our advice aims to minimise the negative impact caused by the insolvency of a customer, supplier or partner.

  • Naturally, we also help shareholders and executive bodies to avoid the potential insolvency of their company, or to defend liability claims asserted by an insolvency administrator.
  • Defence of insolvency claims
  • Supporting creditors prior to insolvency, as well as with the insolvency of a contractual partner, in particular with enforcing preferential rights and rights to segregation of property
  • Defence of damages claims by an insolvency administrator against company executive bodies
  • Bringing and defending company law claims in an insolvency
  • Advice to shareholders and company managers/board on avoiding the potential insolvency of a company in crisis
  • Purchase of companies in crisis or insolvency