Public Economic Law

The business operations of companies, as well as the actions of authorities and project managers are regulated by a multitude of laws, from dealing with residuary materials concerning the operation of facilities and the marketability of products, through to reporting duties. We advise companies on compliance with these rules and represent them if there is a dispute with an authority. Additionally, we advise authorities on the implementation of legal requirements in practice and support them as project managers.

  • Waste law and waste water law
  • Foreign trade law
  • Construction law
  • Energy industry law
  • Commercial law
  • Municipal companies, municipal law
  • Product law, product safety law
  • Regulation of infrastructures
  • State liability law (public liability, sacrifice for the common good (Aufopferung) and expropriation (Enteignung)
  • Subsidies
  • Technical safety law
  • Environmental Law