Actions speak louder than words.


At Kümmerlein we have a strong sense of social responsibility and we foster a diverse social and cultural commitment. For example, we not only take on pro bono work, but also attach great importance to being a training company in which above-average numbers of young people learn a qualified profession.

Our law firm is involved in various charitable foundations and associations; It enables and supports the social engagement of its lawyers. Some examples: the participation in Joblingen gAG, an initiative against youth unemployment, and the support of the G.D. Baedeker Foundation, caring for the elderly and fostering the promotion of science and culture. Further, we at Kümmerlein are involved in the Initiativkreis Ruhr and the Kulturstiftung Essen. Our law firm is one of the founders of the Ruhr Piano Festival and supports the Philharmonic, Opera, Ballet and Theatre through the association Theater und Philharmonie e. V.