The best part of working at Kümmerlein?

Your excellent prospects.

Working at Kümmerlein

At Kümmerlein many paths lead to satisfaction - you only have to choose.

You can build a career for yourself at Kümmerlein – you are the only person who can decide how to do this. Excellent work is important to us, but no more important than a working atmosphere that is excellent because it is personal and characterised by partnership. A working atmosphere in which all of the one hundred lawyers and specialist employees who work here meet as equals and are able to talk frankly because everyone understands that we are one team.

Flat hierarchies reduce distances and are productive. As part of this ethos, we have consciously decided not to follow the path to becoming a mega law firm but instead to keep our structures manageable. Therefore, in our company you can follow the precise career path that you would like, whether you are a lawyer or notary. Naturally, the same applies to specialist employees. You will be assisted by internal and external training courses in which professional and personal competences are supported equally.

Our lawyers, legal trainees and research assistants are also able to access the Kümmerlein Competence Academy. Kümmerlein is open to individual and flexible working time and remuneration solutions. We do not measure the success of your work by the number of hours you spend in the office. Instead, we offer solutions that are just as suitable in terms of family friendliness and work-life balance as in our day-to-day case work because we are convinced that the two things go together. Our success proves us right: Our uncomplicated, open attitude as an employer is just one of the factors that create great benefits for us when competing both for employees with top qualifications and for interesting cases.

Essen: Welcome to Germany's largest city!

Essen is in the heart of conurbation with more than five million inhabitants and 53 town centres: “Germany's Largest City” (the FAZ newspaper). This is Europe's third largest business hub - welcome to the Ruhr metropolis! Essen is secret capital city and economic driver of the Ruhr metropolis, a Capital of Culture, “European Green Capital”, and we boast Germany's first high-speed cycle path. – Welcome to Essen!


22 universities, Europe's densest cultural landscape and an infinite number of leisure opportunities in the countryside. All in one, everything around the corner, by two legs or two wheels. Entertainment close at hand. A growing population, strengthening economic performance: the future belongs to the Ruhr metropolis. At its centre: Essen. And right in the centre of it: Kümmerlein. We are at the centre of the future - and we would love it if we could be together there. Please submit an application!

Career Stages

As a research assistant or trainee lawyer, you are already actively involved in cases. You gain a comprehensive insight into work as a commercial lawyer – and a genuine foundation for your career choice. You are also supported not only as an individual but also through participation in the Kümmerlein Associate working group and internal seminar events. But there is still enough time for your exam preparation or dissertation.

As an associate at Kümmerlein, you will rapidly gain experience on interesting cases. With tailored support, working alongside experienced partners with whom you will discuss matters openly at regular feedback sessions. You will quickly be managing complex projects yourself. On the job training is supplemented by the Kümmerlein Associate working group as part of the Kümmerlein Kompetenz Akademie [Kümmerlein Competence Academy], which imparts important professional and personal skills and provides interaction with other associates. Since you will additionally undertake tasks within the company, you will also become familiar with the office as a medium-sized business.

An equity partnership at Kümmerlein usually involves an entrepreneurial element. Counsel status provides an attractive option for highly qualified lawyers who are handling demanding cases but at the same time but would like this element to take a back seat to support their work-life balance. As a counsel, you handle cases, depending on individual requirements, in a team, together with a partner, or by agreement with a partner on your own.

We usually decide on admitting you as a counsel when you have at least five years of professional experience and have spent at least one full year working for us. As an employment relationship, counsel status is in principle a permanent arrangement, but does not prevent progression to full partnership if your personal life plans change. Part-time work and flexible distribution of working time are possible. Your remuneration, which consists of a fixed proportion and variable proportion, can be administered accordingly. The latter proportion is determined by specifications that we define together with you in advance and evaluate together at year end. You therefore always know where you stand.

Every law firm takes the term “partnership” seriously. We take it even more seriously. Ultimately, we attach the utmost importance to personal, partnership-based cooperation, since this is one of Kümmerlein’s distinguishing features. And as a partner you are a representative of our company and decide on its future. Therefore, in order to become a partner here you must be well suited to our law firm on a personal basis as well as professionally; it must be more than just a workplace for you.

And you must of course contribute qualities that also characterise and distinguish you as a co-entrepreneur: the ability to win new cases; a talent for leadership; and pleasure in taking on tasks and responsibility internally too.

We usually decide on admitting you as a partner when you have five years of professional experience as a commercial attorney; however, your rights as a partner are not affected by your professional experience: All of our partners have the same rights.

Competence Academy

Internal Expert Seminars – Learn From Experienced Colleagues

  • 1-2 specialist lectures per quarter, held by experienced partners for associates in all fields
  • Dissemination of core knowledge of practical relevance in all areas of commercial law
  • Broaden your knowledge base in order to provide optimum advice to your clients

External Expert Seminars –Broaden Your Expertise

  • Individually tailored for the individual associates
  • In general, supplementary topics are arranged, e.g. “Bookkeeping and Accounting”
  • Dissemination of relevant expertise in your specialist area

Associate Working Group – Interactive Forum for Associates, Legal Trainees and Specialist Employees

  • Monthly meeting moderated by a partner
  • Forum for exchanging views on professional topics and legal working methods
  • Talk/presentation by one associate at each session, followed by discussion

Personal Development – Work on Your Soft Skills

  • In-house event with external trainers
  • Development of and training in non-legal skills (soft skills)
  • Examples: Training on giving talks and presentations, acquisition of cases, networking
  • Performance of internal functions, e.g. employee continuing education, supervising legal trainees

Training "On The Job"– The Foundation of Your Training

  • Mentors programme
  • Flexible link = feedback from multiple partners
  • Open door policy
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Gradual transfer of responsibility for cases
  • Independent management of suitable cases
  • Entrepreneurial involvement through assumption of internal tasks and functions


Ausbildung für den Beruf des/der Rechtsanwalts- und Notarfachangestellten (m/w/d) in Voll- oder Teilzeit

Sie möchten die Welt der Jurist*Innen näher kennenlernen und in das interdisziplinäre Arbeitsumfeld einer Wirtschaftsrechtkanzlei einsteigen? Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung. Wann startet die Ausbildung und wie lange dauert sie? Ihre Ausbildung…

Notarfachangestellte/r, Notarfachassistent/in, Notarfachwirt/in (m/w/d) in Voll- oder Teilzeit

Werden Sie Teil unseres sympathischen Notariatsteams.  Das erwartet Sie bei uns Eigenständige Vorbereitung notarieller Urkunden im Gesellschafts- und/oder Immobilienrecht Erstellen von Entwürfen im Gesellschaftsrecht- und/oder Immobilienrecht…

Aushilfen, Studentische Aushilfen (m/w/d) am Empfang

Zur Unterstützung unseres Teams suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Aushilfen, Studentische Aushilfen (m/w/d) am Empfang  Was sind Ihre Aufgaben? Bedienung der Telefonzentrale Begrüßung unserer Mandanten Verwaltung und Vorbereitung der…

Studentische Aushilfen (m/w/d) im Bereich Administration und Verwaltung

Werden Sie Teil unseres sympathischen Teams. Wir suchen zur Verstärkung unserer Sekretariatsteams ab sofort weitere Studentische Aushilfen (m/w/d) Was sind Ihre Aufgaben? allgemeine Sekretariats- und Verwaltungsaufgaben, wie Telefon- und…

Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte/r, Rechtsfachwirt/in (m/w/d) in Voll- oder Teilzeit

Werden Sie Teil unseres sympathischen Teams.  Das erwartet Sie bei uns Es erwartet Sie bei uns eine kollegiale Zusammenarbeit und ein ausgezeichnetes Arbeitsklima. Zudem möchten wir Sie bei der Erreichung Ihrer persönlichen Ziele unterstützen…

We are excellent


Experience team spirit and commitment to sport!

As a team, we regularly participate in internal and external events. This includes our summer festivals, company outings and trips with our lawyers. As a fan of sports you will fit right in: We prove our commitment to sports in weekly football matches and an annual company run in Essen.

Here are a few impressions from these events: