Our actions have an impact

on our fellow human beings


We are a leading independent German law firm. We are a full-service firm. We combine the experience of a long-standing tradition with the energy of a modern and young law firm. We do not follow every trend and think in the long term. For our clients. And for us. 

Our actions have an impact on our fellow human beings.

We have responsibilities towards them as well as for our actions. In order to live up to this, we strive not only to act lawfully at all times, but also with integrity, foresight and prudence. Commitment to these values is part of our corporate culture. Our Code of Conduct serves as our benchmark. It defines the standards we adhere to in the course of our business and when interacting with each other. 

Our Code of Conduct (PDF)


Being a signatory of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to human rights as laid down in particular in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the OECD Guidelines for International Enterprises and the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). We stand firm against any form of corruption. We use new technologies responsibly.

At Kümmerlein, more than 150 people have a secure, sustainable job. To keep it like that, we provide trainings: Internships give pupils, students and others a chance to catch a first glimpse into the world of a law firm. We offer vocational training to aspiring paralegals and notary clerks, with the option of studying alongside their job if they are suitably qualified.

Many of our lawyers started their career with our firm as research associates or legal trainees. For us, this is also a facet of sustainability. Think globally, act locally: At our location in Essen and in the region, we contribute to strengthening local structures through charitable commitment: We are co-founders of the Ruhr Piano Festival. We support art and culture, education and science. Many of our colleagues are part-time teachers at universities and colleges. We support initiatives against unemployment among young people and help for the elderly. Through our involvement in the Initiativkreis Ruhr, we strive to help shape the Ruhr region for the future and make it competitive.


Being a signatory of the UN Global Compact, the protection of natural resources is particularly important to us. We therefore strive to make all our business processes sustainable. 

When choosing our location, we placed particular emphasis on the energy efficiency of our premises. The German Sustainable Building Council certified our office building with the category silver. In addition, we set ourselves the goal of further reducing our energy demand. The electricity we use already consists to a considerable extent of renewable energies. In the future, we want to obtain as much of our electricity as possible from renewable energy sources.

By consistently digitising our processes, we are reducing our need for paper. 

Where we cannot completely do without paper (for example in the notary's office), we use certified sustainable, climate-neutral paper.

With the aim of further reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, we avoid long journeys to work and business trips wherever possible. Video conferencing and mobile work help us with that. In case we have to travel, we avoid the plane and prefer the train. 

We try to produce as little waste as possible. Where we cannot fully avoid waste production, we separate waste so that as much of our waste as possible can be recycled.


Each one of us has unique skills and experience. 

We are convinced that diversity is an advantage. Kümmerlein strives for diversity. We have people with roots in more than a dozen different countries working for us. Our vocational trainees usually join us after leaving school, while our notaries often stay in office until they reach the age of seventy. We encourage diversity wherever possible, also taking into account special individual needs. When choosing our location, for example, we paid extra attention to having barrier-free premises.

Unlawful discrimination on the grounds of nationality or ethnic origin, social background, health status, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, political opinion, religion or ideology or other particularly protected personal characteristics has no place at Kümmerlein. Nor do we tolerate any form of harassment or bullying within the firm's sphere of influence.


Our work is demanding and requires a high level of personal commitment. 

That's why we support each other and strive for a working atmosphere in which everyone can develop their individual skills and strengths to the best of their abilities. We learn from each other and grow as a team. 

Sometimes private life demands time away from work. In our team, we support each other so that we can sustain a healthy balance between private life and career. We are not only lawyers or notaries. We are also parents, children, siblings, friends and partners. We are covinced that outstanding professional achievements over long periods are only possible with a healthy balance between private life and career. That is why we offer part-time models and temporary career breaks, such as parental leave, at all our career levels.

We work hard for our success. And enjoy celebrating it together. At our annual summer party. Joint excursions. Or the annual Christmas party. At the corporate run in Essen. And, of course, whenever soccer comes into play.