Non-Profit Organisations and Charitable Institutions

Charitable organisations, also known as NPOs, as well as foundations are often - unjustly -  considered “exotic”. In reality, NPOs and foundations are an integral part of our society and economic life. They support (the community) and lead (e.g. businesses).

Due to their particular organisational structure, NPOs and foundations encounter particular legal requirements and problems. These are as numerous as the purposes of NPOs and foundations are individual. This always requires bespoke advice with practical ideas. In addition, current developments such as internal changes of circumstances or legal changes, must be monitored and legally implemented. For many years we have worked with charitable organisations and foundations to find suitable solutions to individual needs in many legal areas, among others on the following topics: 

  • Formation of associations and foundations
  • Company and family foundations / succession planning
  • Alternative forms
  • Representation in dealings with regulatory authorities
  • Advice for executive bodies on operational business
  • Creation and implementation of compliance systems
  • Amendment of articles and objects, change of structure
  • Administration as officially appointed trustee
  • Advice on disputes between internal functions