Health Care

Health care and social care establishments have some particular interests and factors which are very different from those in other industries. Our individual advice must therefore sensibly balance the health care structural legal framework and professional law requirements with general provisions relating to legal form, in order to achieve custom-fit solutions. We have many years of experience in this area. We advise service providers in the inpatient and outpatient fields, through to clinical care providers of the highest level on all company law and employment law queries, as well as in the special areas of medical law and professional law issues. Our fields of activity include the following:

  • Formation of company documentation and shareholder agreements for hospital operators, medical care centres (MVZ) and other consortia, for example of clinics, doctors or laboratory operators
  • Sale and purchase of hospitals, MVZ and operating companies
  • Venture capital or private equity investments in medical products companies (acting for investors or the founders)
  • Advice on all industry specific employment law issues, with the formation of the basic collective principles such as collective agreements, service and distribution agreements as well as all individual employment law queries, in particular relating to medical employees at all levels
  • Support and representation in regulatory proceedings, including due to complaints and the use of public funds, licences to practice medicine and other professional or higher education law queries